Brown McFarlane, based in the UK, exports steel plates to more than fifty countries around the world. The majority of this steel along with plates being shipped to its five overseas operations leaves Europe from the port of Antwerp so it was a logical step in Brown McFarlane’s international development to begin holding stock there. The opening stock of more than 1000 tonnes of highly specified pressure vessel steel plates will be progressively added to in order to mirror the variety of steel specifications held in Brown McFarlane’s warehouses around the world. Stock in Antwerp will mean faster and more flexible delivery schedules for Brown McFarlane’s customers and will save them money as well as time.

The company’s sales in to South America have been growing steadily over recent years and it is keen to strengthen this business. The Antwerp stock includes a range of HIC resistant pressure vessel steel designed to meet large parts of the Brazilian Petrobras specification N1706 without the need for additional expensive and time consuming testing. It was the combination of material ex-stock availability, price, technical specification, and fast delivery schedule which prompted the opening orders from Antwerp, destined for Brazil, which were placed less than a week after the plates arrived.

The Brown McFarlane Group of companies with distribution and processing facilities in Dubai, Singapore, and three sites in South Africa, has a turnover of USD 90 million and employs more than 180 people.