Market Segmentation

Based on vaccination type, the worldwide market is categorized into recombinant vaccines, inactivated vaccines, attenuated live vaccines, DNA vaccines, toxoid vaccines and others. The attenuated live vaccines are the biggest segment that is was projected to reach around US$ 90 Million or over 30% market shares in 2016. The segment will be reaching over US$ 150 Million, registering a CAGR of 5.8% throughout the assessment period.

Based on disease indication, the overall market is divided into avian influenza, new castle disease, foot and mouth disease, PPRS (porcine reproductive & respiratory syndrome), distemper disease, brucellosis, influenza, canine parvovirus, anaplasmosis and others. The foot & mouth disease at present is considered to account for maximum market share.

Based on the animal type, the overall market is categorized into companion animals (includes feline, avian and canine) livestock animals (includes porcine, bovine, aquatic, small ruminant and poultry) and equine. The livestock animals category will be witnessing comparatively remarkable growth over the said period.

Based on distribution channel, the overall market is divided into veterinary research institute, private veterinary pharmacies, veterinary clinics, hospital pharmacies and others. The veterinary clinics will be accounting for maximum market share and will be recording a 7.1% CAGR throughout the projection period.

By region, the worldwide market for veterinary vaccines has been categorized into Latin America, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Japan and Middle East & Africa (MEA). North America is considered to be accounting for the maximum market share of approximately 30.4% in 2016 in terms of revenues in the overall market. The Western Europe market is considered to be the second biggest market in revenue terms. In the meantime, revenue from the Asia Pacific excluding Japan market is likely to register at the maximum CAGR of about 9.1% throughout the conjecture time frame. At present, there are merely six countries that have the provision to manufacture vaccines locally. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Sudan and Turkey.

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Key Players

Key players in the global veterinary vaccines market include Merial, Zoetis, Elanco, Merck & Co. Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH )(BIVI), Bayer Pharma AG, Ceva, Verbac, Diamond Animal Healthcare (Heska) and Indian Immunological Ltd.
Majority of players operating in the veterinary vaccines market are focused on entering into collaborations and partnerships with local distributors and retailers in order to enhance their presence in markets in various countries across the globe.

Moreover, collaborations and partnerships also enable these companies to increase visibility of their products in markets across the concerned regions. Besides, companies are focusing on improving their competitive capabilities to strengthen their market presence worldwide and expand customer base.

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