For over 10 years, Resato has been distributing their high pressure solutions to the oil & gas industry in the United States. With the installed base growing steadily around their Oil & Gas solutions, but also hose testing and automotive, it was time to enhance the offering by providing more localized support to their North American clients. "We want to share our high pressure knowledge so that our customers can make quality business decisions", comments Resato CEO, Rob Castien, about the decision. Eric Mehl, newly appointed General Manager for North America added that "there is no other way to fully understand our customer processes and requirements than to be close to them".

Along with a localized sales team, the operation will ultimately include a service center that will provide quick and efficient repair and calibration capabilities to better service the customer base. The service center will provide training and onsite assistance to ensure customers achieve the best return on their Resato investment. Moreover, the North American operation will increase support to the network of regional value added partners and distributors.

Resato aims to inaugurate the new facilities in Houston, TX in the second quarter of 2017. "We are currently in the process of defining the needs of our service center", states Eric Mehl. "We have been planning to improve our reaction time in the United States for a long time and we are happy to finally be able to deliver on these plans", added Rob Castien.

"I look forward to building closer relationships with our current client base and partners in the North American region and to forming new ones with companies looking to enhance their QHSE standards and Operational efficiencies around their high pressure needs", states Eric Mehl.

If you wish to contact Eric Mehl, you can reach him via email or phone.

Eric Mehl

Cell Phone: +(1) 281 536 9715