For the second order, L-3 MAPPS will design and develop a test system that will be used to connect the Callaway plant simulator directly to the plant’s ICS as part of testing prior to final installation. The ICS will be installed to support the feedwater system at the Callaway nuclear plant during the plant’s next refueling outage in the fall of 2011.

L-3 MAPPS will provide a tool for the simulated ICS that will import I&C functional diagrams into its Orchid® Modeling Environment, automatically creating a simulation of the I&C. The tool will facilitate incorporation of future ICS modifications and upgrades to the simulator.

"L-3 MAPPS is pleased to leverage our extensive exposure to Siemens’ SPPA-T2000 DCS product in taking on the T3000 series," said Michael Chatlani, vice president of marketing and sales for L-3 MAPPS Power Systems and Simulation. "We appreciate AmerenUE’s continued confidence in us and welcome this opportunity to build up our experience with the SPPA-T3000, which will certainly play an important role in new nuclear builds."

The ICS test system is scheduled for delivery to the Callaway plant in the summer of 2010. The updated simulator, incorporating the simulated ICS, is slated to be operational in early 2011. When operational, the simulator will allow Callaway operators to train on the new ICS before the system is utilised for actual plant operations.

The upgrade of the feedwater control system is part of an effort to integrate multiple control systems. Other analog controls will also be replaced with the T3000 following the feedwater system upgrade.

In 2009, the Callaway Plant’s 25th anniversary, the plant generated more electricity than in any other calendar year. Its net generation of 10.2 million megawatt-hours was enough to supply the electricity needs of 780,000 average households. Callaway was the second largest power producer on the Ameren system—accounting for 21% of AmerenUE’s generation and 13.4% of total Ameren generation.