More specifically the purposes of this Agreement are the following:

  • Scout jointly the Mexican market and promote PROSERNAT technologies
  • Identify and win joint business opportunities in Mexico where PROSERNAT / ARENDAL partnership would make sense: technology in PROSERNAT portfolio and modularization of open art process units
  • Support ARENDAL in their appraisal of setting up a yard in Mexico to address the American market

ARENDAL is a Mexican company founded in 1995 focused in the development of projects for the Energy and infrastructure sectors, ARENDAL`s main objective is profitably creating, building, financing and owning infrastructure projects for the society’s growth.
ARENDAL capacity stands out for its comprehensive management of projects, meeting the most stringent requirements of blue chip clients worldwide in areas of quality, safety and completion of work on schedule and within budget. ARENDAL, Execution You Can Trust.

For more information on this specific cooperation or on PROSERNAT’s products and services, please contact us.