Araani’s Video Smoke Detection software SmokeCatcher is now certified for integration into the Xprotect Video Management Systems from Milestone Systems, the globally leading open platform provider of IP video management software (VMS).

Fully Milestone certified

As a Milestone Certified Solution, SmokeCatcher users can now be sure that the solution will fully function, operate, perform and easily integrate with Milestone XProtect VMS. For Araani, the certification guarantees the interoperability of SmokeCatcher with Milestone XProtect VMS, which is now a distinguishing feature of its video smoke detection solution.

"We are very pleased with our SmokeCatchter solution being fully certified for the world’s leading VMS solution," says Pieter Claerhout, CEO of Araani NV. "Our SmokeCatcher software has been thoroughly tested and documented and easily met all the performance certification requirements from Milestone. We are sure that this certification will deliver confidence to anyone who is specifying, implementing and operating our SmokeCatcher Video Smoke Detection solution."

"Quality integrations are essential to the Milestone community. The ever growing number of certified add-ins to XProtect gives our joint customers the benefits of best-in-class solutions enabling perfect solutions for our joint customers," says Maria Laue Christensen Strategic Alliances Manager EMEA. Milestone Systems.

SmokeCatcher-Milestone integration

SmokeCatcher is a reliable early warning system for smoke detection in critical indoor environments. By adding the SmokeCatcher video analytics to your visual security camera, SmokeCatcher offers superfast smoke detection in places where traditional smoke detection systems fail due to slow detection or too many false alarms.

SmokeCatcher will feed the video captured by SmokeCatcher compatible cameras into the Milestone XProtect VMS. When the SmokeCatcher video analytics system detects a smoke incident, users will receive event notifications and metadata, including bounding boxes over the live and recorded video. Also, pre- and post-event recording of smoke incidents is fully integrated into the Milestone environment.

SmokeCatcher can spot initiating fires directly at the source, practically from any distance. This is a huge speed advantage compared to conventional smoke detectors that need to make physical contact with the smoke. With SmokeCatcher, there is no need to wait until the smoke has reached the ceiling. Since it is so fast and since it allows for visual verification, SmokeCatcher provides the operator with valuable time to make a well-founded decision. That decision could be calling the emergency services and avoid further damage or human suffering. Or it could be ignoring the alarm and if possible isolating and containing the fire in order to prevent the entire operation to close down and run into costs.

Discover SmokeCatcher at various Milestone events

SmokeCatcher at the Milestone System Integrations Expo – UK, Daventry
For the very first time ever at Milestone, you get direct access to all aspects of an integrated solution, in collaboration with eight specially selected Milestone Alliance Partners. On this expo, taking place on September 12th in Daventry, UK, Araani will also be present. We invite you to pay us a visit and discover our SmokeCatcher solution on the spot.

SmokeCatcher at the Milestone Open Platform Day – Germany, Munich
After a very successful MPOP (milestone partner open platform) event last year, Milesone organizes another exciting edition this year. Araani and Milestone will present SmokeCatcher on the 13th and 14th of September 2017 in Erding, near Munich.

SmokeCatcher at the Milestone System Integrations Expo – The Netherlands, Utrecht
Araani and Milestone Systems invite you to see SmokeCatcher and Milestone XProtect VMS in action at the Milestone System Integrations Expo in Utrecht (Netherlands) on October 24, 2017.