This October the 2014 TENEX’s annual report was granted high awards in three nominations by MarCom Awards (USA), a prestigious international contest in marketing and communications.

In November 2015 the (UK), the world’s largest database of annual reports, that launched in 2007 a global independent on-line contest of corporate reports, published preliminary results of 2014 CR Reporting Awards (CRRA).

TENEX’s report was included in the top ten (short list) of over one hundred reports of participating companies in one of the CRRA’s key nominations "The Best Integrated Report".

The short list includes the reports that have won the highest score (from 0 to 100) based on the results of evaluation by the leading Western independent experts in corporate reporting, with the basic criteria being Content, Communications and Authenticity.

Although the final results of the contest based on the open voting by over forty thousand users registered at web-site will be announced in spring 2016, the fact that TENEX is among the top ten reports by the participating companies, such as the world’s leading brands British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc, Pepsico Inc., Bloomberg LP., Novo Nordisk, Mazda Motor Corporation, Nestlé SA, UniCredit SpA, Barclays plc, Hydro Québec, TENEX considers it as a high appraisal of its quality and testimony of efficient system of corporate reporting.