Willdan Group, through its software subsidiary Integral Analytics (Willdan), announced today that Xcel Energy has selected LoadSEER, Willdan’s flagship software application, to provide foundational load forecasting, planning, and network scenario analysis as part of its Advanced Grid Intelligence and Security (AGIS) strategy. LoadSEER will enable Xcel Energy teams to model and plan for changes in electric load and the adoption and impact of distributed energy resources.

“We are pleased to provide this system-wide comprehensive deployment of LoadSEER to Xcel Energy,” said Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO and Chairman. “LoadSEER is the intelligence layer behind grid modernization and renewable energy integration for major utilities across the country. Xcel Energy will use LoadSEER to standardize load forecasting, and to provide the granular analysis required to make critical distribution system investment decisions and deploy the cleanest sources of energy as the grid evolves.”

The application will operate within the AGIS suite of technologies being implemented to serve integrated distribution planning, grid modernization, and distributed energy integration functions at Xcel Energy. LoadSEER’s hosted application will include dynamic data management and configurable reporting to allow Xcel Energy teams to evaluate scenarios specific to each local distribution area.