Xcel Energy today announced a new set of voice Actions for the Google Assistant, including the option for customers to pay their bill by simply starting by saying, “Ok Google…”


Image: A power transmission line. Photo: courtesy of John Smith/Freeimages.com.

Customers can now access their account, hear their account balance or due date, and even make a bill payment, simply by speaking to their Google Assistant-enabled devices. The Assistant is available on more than a billion devices, including Google Nest Hub, Google Home, Google Home Mini, or through the Google Assistant app on iPhone or natively on Android devices. Once their Xcel Energy and Assistant accounts are linked, a customer simply needs to say, “OK Google, pay my energy bill,” to hear account information and make a payment.

“Today’s announcement builds on our collaboration with Google and the ways we’re working to bring enhanced service and next-generation engagement to our customers,” said Brett Carter, executive vice president and chief customer and innovation officer, Xcel Energy. “This is an exciting time to develop and deploy innovative energy solutions for our customers while leveraging our investments in technology.”

Xcel Energy launched its first set of Actions for the Assistant last year, allowing customers to access information about improving energy efficiency in their homes. In the future, even more options will be available to Xcel Energy customers through Nest Hub and the Assistant, products that will give customers the ability to personalize their energy management using voice-connected devices, such as the Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

Xcel Energy has been a leader in providing smart home technologies that help customers manage their energy. The company and Google Nest began working together in 2015 with the energy savings program Seasonal Savings, which slowly fine-tunes temperatures in a customer’s home heating and cooling schedule to help them save energy and lower bills without sacrificing personal preferences or comfort.

With smart thermostat energy efficiency rebates available in Texas and Colorado, Xcel Energy is scaling efforts to deploy smart thermostats for home energy management. And now, with Xcel Energy’s Google Assistant Actions, that effort is being expanded to provide an easier way for customers to access their account and use energy more efficiently.

Source: Company Press Release