Westinghouse Electric Company signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with ten companies in Poland. The MOUs, signed in both Gdańsk and the Westinghouse office in Warsaw, cover cooperation on the potential deployment of six AP1000 plants for the Polish Nuclear Power Plant program and other potential AP1000 reactor projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Westinghouse is well positioned to help Poland meet its energy goals through in-country investments in nuclear technologies, our global shared services center in Krakow where nearly 200 employees work to support the company’s global operations, and to provide Poland with the best technology to support its climate change goals and secure the energy needs of its economy,” said Miroslaw Kowalik, President of Westinghouse Poland.

To build on its long-term relationship with Poland, Westinghouse is establishing cooperation with the following companies:

  • Rafako is a key supplier of technological solutions for energy generation and environmental protection with more than 70 years of experience.
  • ZKS Ferrum is a trusted provider of iron components and metallurgical material.
  • KB Pomorze is a specialist in engineering, procurement, and mechanical construction works on power generation plants, petrochemical plants, and more.
  • Mostostal Kraków provides services in fabrication and assembly of steel structures and equipment installation.
  • OMIS provides complex design services for investments, general contracting of industrial and power facilities and modernizations, extensions and repairs of power and industrial systems.
  • GP Baltic is a manufacturer and supplier of fully equipped vessels for Polish and foreign shipowners in accordance with the adopted strategy.
  • Polimex Mostostal S.A. provides a full range of services from energy facility design, completion of deliveries, construction and assembly works.
  • Fogo is a leading manufacturer of power generators.
  • Zarmen Group provides comprehensive execution of industrial investments in the region and brings together 13 companies.
  • Protea Group – a proven supplier of overhead cranes, gantry cranes, pedestal cranes, davit cranes and other hoisting systems for industry.