Voltaiq, a Battery Intelligence software solutions developer and A&D Technology formed partnership to combine its expertise in battery data analytics with A&D's expertise in battery technology and electric vehicle powertrains to deliver end-to-end solutions to customers.


Image: Voltaiq partners with A&D Technology. Photo: Courtesy of Goran Horvat/Pixabay.

This partnership will provide battery manufacturers and transportation companies with a comprehensive solution that joins A&D Technology’s integrated test lab management solutions and services with Voltaiq’s industry-leading battery data analytics platform. Even as the overall complexity of powertrains has decreased, the complexity associated with batteries — electrochemical systems that are extremely sensitive to how and where they operate — necessitates a level of analytics beyond what has historically been required.

“As A&D expands our focus on electrification to meet growing market demands, Voltaiq is a natural partner to help our customers make the most of the data being generated from A&D test systems,” said Jay Hatkow, Executive Account Manager, A&D Technology. “The added challenges associated with battery systems, namely maintaining safety, performance and longevity in a dynamic driving environment, compel the transportation industry to require a deeper understanding of the powertrain.”

“We are very excited to partner with A&D Technology, a company with decades of experience supporting global OEMs in powertrain development,” said Tal Sholklapper, CEO, Voltaiq. “We are impressed with A&D Technology’s ability to provide customers with a trusted solution, especially as customers are working to electrify their vehicle fleets.”

“With the realities of data overload, manual manipulation of data and a tight talent pool, A&D is proud to collaborate with Voltaiq in providing world class turnkey solutions,” said Mike Uhl, CEO and President, A&D Technology. “Together, integrating all test equipment and all test data. Increasing automation and allowing meaningful data analysis.”

Source: Company Press Release