Canada-based mineral exploration company Vital Battery Metals has entered into an option agreement to acquire 100% of the Sting copper project in Canada.

The Sting project is located 14km south of the town of Trout River in the province of Newfoundland, covering nearly 30.6 km² area.

The project lies within a 50km corridor known for significant volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS), copper quartz vein lode and low sulphation epithermal gold showings.

It holds five mineral licences, along with multiple historic Newfoundland and Labrador government documented mineral occurrences.

According to the company, the Greggory River Fault area lacks a detailed exploration work and is planning to execute an extensive exploration program.

Vital president and chief executive officer Adrian Lamoureux said: “We are thrilled to have been able to acquire such a prospective project in Newfoundland.

“The fact that this area has so many underexplored historical mineral occurrences and has seen limited drilling boasts exciting prospects of potential discovery.

“Being located along a trend of such strong projects such as the York Harbour project, we are surprised that this area has been overlooked in the past.

“The Company looks forward to working towards an extensive drilling and exploration program in the coming months.”

A recent diamond drilling at the project site showed 5.25% Cu over 29m and 2.70% Cu and 9.0% Zn over 25m, with Jumbo as the most significant historical mineral occurrences.

The Jumbo mineral occurrence is located along Jumbo Brook, 14km south of the town of Trout River, to the West of Newfoundland.

It can be accessed by muskeg trail from Trout River and 8km away from tidewater.

Red Lode is another significant historic mineral occurrence, located 450m to the north of Jumbo, and is visible at surface.

In addition to the Jumbo and Red Lode mineral occurrences, more than 40 other mineralised showings can be seen along the Gregory River Fault.