Vintage Energy and its partners have announced the completion of the development concept for the Vali gas field located onshore Cooper Basin in Australia.

The Vintage Energy operates the ATP 2021 joint venture with 50% stake while other partners include Metgasco with 25% and Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) with 25% interest.

The firm has used data generated from the successful flow test of Vali-1 ST1, for the development concept.

Due for completion in October 2020, the Vali-1 ST1 delivered a stabilised gas rate of 4.3 Million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd) through a 36/64″choke at 942 psi over a two-day period.

According to estimates, the field has an operational life of around 20 years.

As per the development concept, the field will comprise nine fracture stimulated vertical wells, which would target production from reservoirs in the Patchawarra Formation and the Tirrawarra Sandstone.

Drilling on first two wells to commence first half of 2021

Subject to regulatory and joint venture approvals and the availability of the rig, drilling work on the first two wells in the programme is scheduled to commence first half of 2021.

Vintage Energy plans to connect all the wells to a central manifold and the produced gas will be transported via multiple composite pipelines to the Santos-operated Beckler Field and then into the Moomba gathering system.

Vintage managing director Neil Gibbins said: “The Vali Field development concept work has highlighted the potential of the Vali Field to produce gas over the longer term.

“With a field life estimated at around 20 years and multiple leads and prospects within proximity of Vali, we are confident in delivering a multi-field production project over time.

“We will be initially targeting approximately 4 PJ per annum of gross gas production, and I am of the belief this could be increased substantially with appraisal and exploration success in the area.”

Subject to joint venture approval, the detailed initial development plan for the Vali Field is planned to be submitted to the regulator over the coming months.