To serve a truly global and growing marketplace for sustainable energy solutions and secure industry-leading profitability, Vestas aims to leverage our size, scale and volume. As a result, Vestas is actively looking for partners that can help scale our business efficiently, and we are excited to announce that Vestas and DSV Panalpina, a world leader in transport and logistics services, have formed a strategic partnership on transport and logistics.

With the partnership, DSV Panalpina will execute and manage Vestas’ general freight and special project transportation, inbound as well as outbound. By combining Vestas’ volume and experience in special project transport with DSV Panalpina’s broader logistics expertise and scale, the partnership aims to simplify Vestas’ global transportation setup, as well as generate economies of scale and efficiencies for both companies.

In a growing market for wind energy, scale advantages remain key to Vestas’ present and future success. To achieve these, we want to work even more closely with our customers and partners. And, as we scale our operations to meet global demand as well as handle the growing complexity from both components increasing in size and wind parks becoming more remote, logistics and transport will grow in significance.

“We are very excited to partner with DSV Panalpina to meet the growing demand for our sustainable energy solutions,” said Henrik Andersen, Vestas Group President and CEO. “Combined with the increasing size of wind turbines, the global demand for wind energy is making logistics and transportation more complicated and we must therefore scale our business efficiently. Partnering with DSV Panalpina is a great example of our intention to engage further in close and mutually beneficial partnerships across our value chain, improving both our operational scope, efficiency and sustainability performance”.

Jens Bjørn Andersen, DSV Panalpina CEO, said “We are proud to enter into this strategic partnership with the world leader in renewable energy. Vestas and DSV Panalpina have a long-standing relationship, which we are excited to take to the next level. Wind energy is a high-growth and highly complex global industry, and we look forward to further enhancing our position in this market through our far-reaching global logistics network”.

Following the announcement of Vestas’ ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030, the partnership also includes a mutual commitment to reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions related to transport and logistics.

The partnership seeks to reap the advantages of combining DSV Panalpina’s global footprint with 60,000 employees in 90 countries and complete range of services across the entire supply chain, with Vestas’ volume and unparalleled experience in special project transportation, stemming from delivering and installing more than 70,000 wind turbines in 80 countries. Vestas has around 500,000 inbound shipments a year and uses more than 900 vessels every year. The partnership does not include outbound transport for Vestas’ Service business.