Vale informs that it started, on a preventive basis, the Level 1 emergency protocol for Barragem 5, at Mina da Mutuca, Nova Lima (Minas Gerais), a protocol that does not require the evacuation of the population downstream of the dam. This tailings dam was built with compacted soil, with a downstream construction method and no longer receives mining tailings.
This protocol is a preventive measure and a consequence of the change in technical criteria, with a new interpretation of the resistance parameters carried out by an additional stage of evaluation of Vale’s structures in Brazil after the implementation in January of this year of the Engineer of Record (“EoR”) function.
From the most recent inspections, anomalies that could compromise the safety of the structure have not been identified. Barragem 5 had its Stability Condition Statement (“DCE”) issued on March 31, 2020. However, based on the new parameters observed, the DCE will become negative.
The activation of Level 1 of the dam mentioned in this release does not impact the 2020 production plan, as presented in the Production and Sales Report of 2Q20.