Vale SA (“Vale” or “company”) clarifies, in relation to news published in the press, that there is no imminent risk of rupture of the Xingu dam, nor a change in the dam’s conditions or safety level, which remains at level 2. The Xingu dam is continuously monitored and inspected by a specialized technical team and is included in the company’s dam decharacterization plan. The Xingu dam Self-Rescue Zone (ZAS) remains evacuated.

Nonetheless, in accordance with the interdiction term of the Regional Labor Superintendence (SRT), Vale suspended the access of workers and the traffic of vehicles in the flood zone of the Xingu dam, with only essential accesses being allowed to stabilize the structure, with a strict safety protocol.

In collaboration with SRT, Vale is taking measures to continue to guarantee the safety of workers, in order to allow the resumption of activities.