The transparent cell based on the company’s ClearView Power technology has an average visible transparency of 38.3% and a resulting light utilization factor (efficiency multiplied by average visible transparency) of over 3.75. This is the highest performance combination ever reported for a transparent solar cell.

“This record is a fantastic accomplishment from the team here at Ubiquitous Energy, paving the way for what is possible in the future from transparent solar technology,” said CEO Keith Wilson. “Architectural windows typically span the visible transparency range between 30% and 80%, making these solar cells ideal candidates to add to our product lineup for electricity generating windows.” Ubiquitous Energy is currently working with global glass partners to scale up and commercialize its ClearView Power™ coatings for architectural windows. The company has spent the past years maturing previous ClearView Power™ formulations with lower efficiencies and a range of transparencies up to 80% that are already being integrated into large-area product prototypes.

The new certified cells are still under formulation development as part of the company’s ongoing R&D program to develop future versions of its ClearView Power technology. The efficiency of the laboratory size cell was certified by third-party test laboratory Newport Corporation. “Laboratory efficiency and transparency are just two important milestones and we will now begin the process of optimizing the scalability and reliability of these next-generation devices,” said co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Miles Barr. “In the meantime, we are excited to begin pilot projects and commercialization activities with our earlier ClearView Power formulations.”

Source: Company Press Release.