Turboden, a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), has secured a contract to provide sustainable power to Indigenous First Nations in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC), which represents nine Indigenous First Nations in Saskatchewan, Canada, has awarded the contract to Turboden to provide 8,000 kW Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation system.

To be located near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan within the traditional territory of the nine First Nations of the MLTC, the project will be operated under the name of the MLTC Bioenergy Centre.

Government of Canada is providing funding for the project

The ORC power generation system, using sawmill residual woody biomass as fuel, is estimated to produce 6,600kW (net) of carbon neutral baseload electricity to supply power to about 5,000 homes.

Turboden has been selected to provide major equipment for the project, which is supported with funding from the Government of Canada.

The facility will produce power from an ORC system, which uses Turboden’s technology, with biomass fuel derived from residual wood waste from the adjacent, MLTC-owned NorSask Forest Products (NorSask) sawmill as heating fuel.

The project is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over one million tonnes more than 25 years and reduce smoke and other harmful particulate matter while improving the local air quality conditions.

Additionally, the system is designed to provide process heat to the NorSask sawmill buildings and new high efficiency lumber dry kiln that reduces natural gas consumption while improving the economics of Canada’s 100% Indigenous-owned sawmill facility.

In October 2019, Turboden’s 995 kW ORC cycle power generation system was adopted for a project in Nankan-machi (Kumamoto Prefecture) using bamboo biomass, as the primary fuel.

Focused on the use of ORC power generation systems, Turboden was founded in 1980 by professors from Polytechnic University of Milan. It became part of MHI Group in 2013.

In 2015, Maine Woods Pellet Company awarded a contract to Turboden, to supply biomass-based ORC power unit for its plant in Athens, Maine, the US.