Trilliant plans to source and manufacture the meters in Canada

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Trilliant acquires Quadlogic multi-tenant panel and ANSI Socket-Based metering solutions. (Credit: Pixabay/Pexels)

Trilliant Networks, a global provider of leading Smart Grid and Smart City solutions, announced that they have acquired rights to Quadlogic’s multi-tenant panel and ANSI-based metering for Canada and international markets. This acquisition enables Trilliant to augment their leadership position in providing custom-tailored and turn-key metering services and solutions to the Canadian and international marketplace.

Multi-tenant metering measures the electricity use of individual suites in multi-occupant buildings including condos and facilitates accountability for each suite’s own costs. A benefit of converting from bulk or master-metered service to submetering services is that electricity consumption is measured at precise intervals with the ability to capture time-of-use data.

“Quadlogic’s technology is the current industry standard metering platform for mixed use, commercial, and multi-residential applications, and is a perfect fit to support our growth strategy” said Steven Lupo, managing director for Trilliant, Canada. “This acquisition enhances our position in the market as the premier provider of technology and related services.”

“Quadlogic is pleased to be working even more closely with Trilliant. We have great confidence in their capabilities and ambitions both commercially and technologically,” said Marc Segan, CEO of Quadlogic.

Trilliant plans to source and manufacture the meters in Canada. Quadlogic will continue to distribute the products within the United States alongside its “Q” line of metering and building monitoring products to be sold in the US and globally.

“We are excited to couple our existing technology, digital applications, and international customer base to this technology as we look to enhance our Smart Buildings solutioning and expand on our current metering options,” said Andy White, chairman and CEO for Trilliant.

Source: Company Press Release