Trendsetter Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce the contract award from Subsea 7 for Murphy Exploration and Production Company’s King’s Quay Development. The scope of supply is comprised of more than 40 connectors spanning Trendsetter’s TC2, TC7, and TC16 products and are to be used in gas lift, production, and export service. The contract was awarded in Q2 2020 and equipment deliveries will complete in Q3 2021.

“We are delighted to work with Subsea 7 to deliver the King’s Quay development for Murphy,” said Tony Matson, Vice President of Projects for Trendsetter Engineering.  “Trendsetter Connection Systems have an excellent performance and delivery track record and we are excited to supply our solutions to one of the most high profile projects in the Gulf of Mexico.”

The Trendsetter Connection System (TCS) is a family of subsea connector solutions developed to meet industry needs for reliable, innovative connector products. Trendsetter connection systems are available with bores from 2” through 16” nominal sizes, as well as multi‐bore, 400°F and 20,000 psi. TCS is designed and manufactured in Houston, TX, USA.

Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. is a privately owned oil and gas service company based in Houston, Texas which provides specialized subsea hardware and offshore service solutions globally, from exploration drilling through abandonment.