With an initial $25,000 contribution from TIP Technologies, the Global Water Challenge (GWC) was able to raise the additional funds needed to begin the West Othany Water Treatment Project in Kenya to deliver a safe water supply to its residents.


Image: Living Water Service Center (LWSC) has been officially contracted by Global Water Challenge. Photo: Courtesy of后园 卓 from Pixabay.

The community along the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria has experienced extreme water stress due to a changing climate, deforestation, population growth and agricultural runoff, making it increasingly difficult to safely access clean water. As a result of this project, Wawaria Village, a West Othany sub-location in Seme County, Kenya will now be able to provide its 2000 residents, including 500 students, access to safe water. Additionally, 500 residents will receive training in proper hygiene.

Currently, the only reliable source of water in Wawaria is Lake Victoria. Drawing water at the lake is an arduous and unsafe practice, exposing community members to threats from animals as well as putting them at risk of contracting water-borne diseases. A small-scale water treatment plant that will supply up to 7,000 gallons of water per day will operate with a solar-powered pump from a submerged inlet where it will be flocculated, filtered, and chlorinated, removing turbidity and all biological contaminants possible of causing disease.

Living Water Service Center (LWSC) has been officially contracted by Global Water Challenge to begin construction of the water treatment plant in Wawaria this month, with an expected completion by the end of 2019.

“TIP Technologies is proud to collaborate with Global Water Challenge on this project that will have a significant impact on the Kenyan community,” said Ron Dolan, President of TIP Technologies. “We feel it’s important to take a wider vision of the global environment and give back in a socially responsible way that is in line with our corporate values.”

At the culmination of this effort, thousands will be served and the Wawaria Village will be empowered to sustain itself as an environmentally safe community.

Source: Company Press Release.