Tecogen has announced an $8.4m turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction services contract to install a 1MW trigeneration plant at a data center located in New York City.

21Feb - PR3

Image: Tecogen secures $8.4M Trigeneration Project. Photo: Courtesy of rawpixel on Unsplash.

Tecogen will install, commission and provide operations and maintenance services for multiple InVerde CHP systems and an absorption chilling plant to be installed at the data center. The system will also provide backup power to the complex in the event of a grid outage.

An Energy Services Company (ESCO) will own the system and sell the energy to the complex at a discounted rate from the existing electric utility. The project will be 100% financed by the ESCO which will provide on-site utility services for the commercial and retail tenants at a dramatically lower cost than what they would pay for energy from the grid.

Tecogen’s CEO, Benjamin Locke, noted, “We have been working with this ESCO to develop a showcase project to deploy Tecogen’s technology. This project is exciting because it combines all the unique features of our InVerde microgrid CHP system and our advanced controls to provide significant savings in utility costs.  The project also employs a modular approach that we believe is the most flexible, cost effective, and reliable alternative for large trigeneration projects like this.”

“We are seeing tremendous interest in Tecogen’s InVerde for critical power applications in space limited buildings in Manhattan. Tecogen’s reputation as one of the most advanced CHP suppliers with the longest track record in the industry for providing quality systems and services was paramount in winning this contract. We are excited to start construction and anticipate that this project will help to showcase the benefits of our technology for similar projects,” said Abinand Rangesh, Director of Project Development at Tecogen.

Source: Company Press Release.