Cooper Basin focused oil & gas company Real Energy has announced an update on the Tamarama 2 well which is located on the Company’s ATP927 permit in the Cooper Basin, South West Queensland.

22Jan - Real Energy

Image: The flare from the initial testing of Tamarama. Photo: Courtesy of Real Energy Corporation Limited.

A flow rate of 2.0mmcf/d with flowing tubing pressure of 1783 psi was recorded from an initial flow test conducted on 17 January 2019 using a 13/64 choke size. This is particularly encouraging and gives Real Energy confidence in the commerciality of the well.

Real Energy will continue to gather data and other reservoir parameters on Tamarama 2 and 3 with the main objective to book a maiden gas reserves for our Windorah Gas Project. The initial flow rate for Tamarama 3 is expected in a few weeks.

Tamarama 2 & 3 were drilled as a follow up wells from the initial discovery well of Tamarama 1, with a changed deviated wellbore design with optimal stress orientation for more efficient fracture stimulation. These extraction techniques will continue to evolve with further improvements expected.

Commenting on the successful flow test, Real Energy’s Managing Director Scott Brown said: “This is a good result for Tamarama 2, which we believe will be a future gas producer. Importantly we are a step closer to commercialising a very large gas field and supports the drilling of future development wells. ”

“We are now on track to convert our large Contingent Resources of 2C & 3C into reserves and then start to deliver sustainable production from what is potentially a very large gas project in the heart of a proven Australian energy province, the Cooper Basin.

“The current gas crisis on the East Coast of Australia, where last week the Sydney gas price hit AUD$12 per Gj, is something we predicted when we founded Real Energy. We positioned the Company to take advantage of today’s gas situation, something that is hurting Australian industry. We have 100% ownership of a field with an estimated 13.7 Tcf total mean gas in place, and our goal will be to convert a large amount of this into gas reserves. Whilst we are on the verge of commercialising a very large gas field we are still at the very early stages of unlocking the project’s true value which we anticipate is significant.”

Source: Company Press Release.