The Swedish clean tech company Swedish Stirling has initiated a deeper collaboration with the consulting company Prospero Acceleration in order to strengthen the protection of the intangible assets associated with the company’s product PWR BLOK 400-F. The reason for the decision is that the company’s technology and solutions will become more public in the coming years. PWR BLOK – a unique solution for recovering energy from industrial residual gases – is the cheapest way to generate electricity that exists today, yielding greater CO2 savings per Euro invested than any other type of energy, according to the independent certification company Lloyd’s Register.

Swedish Stirling has previously filed a patent application for PWR BLOK. That application concerns a system for central monitoring and control of the working gas in each Stirling engine within a PWR BLOCK, which makes the product both more efficient and cheaper to manufacture. The company now intends to go ahead and apply for more patents to further strengthen the intellectual property protection of the technology.

“We have previously primarily protected our technology by keeping secret how important parts and solutions are designed. As we soon begin serial production of PWR BLOK and the technology becomes more widespread, the need for stronger intellectual property protection increases. Here, Prospero Acceleration and Timo Pohjanvuori are just the right partners to help us”, says Gunnar Larsson, CEO of Swedish Stirling.

Timo Pohjanvuori – CEO and partner at Prospero Acceleration – has previously assisted Swedish Stirling with patent cases and will take on a role that can almost be described as Patent Manager / IP Manager at Swedish Stirling.

“Swedish Stirling is distinguished by its strong product concept in environmental technology, experienced development teams and high innovation ability. Prospero looks forward to long-term participation in the work to build the patent portfolio that both strengthens and protects future business”, says Timo Pohjanvuori, CEO of Prospero Acceleration.

Source: Company Press Release.