Sunverge has been chosen by Delmarva Power to support the proposed behind-the-metre virtual power plant (VPP) project in Elk Neck peninsula in Cecil County, Maryland.

The company was selected through a competitive bid process involving five vendors.

Through the VPP project, backup power will provided during outages to homes located on a peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay.

The homes are located on a heavily forested area and are served by a four-mile long overhead and underground distribution feeder.  Due to the isolated location, consumers in the are vulnerable grid outages.

The VPP project is expected to have 0.55MW/ 2.2MWh of capacity

With a planned capacity of 0.55MW/ 2.2MWh, the VPP project is projected to create about $2m in value over a 15-year period.

Currently, the proposal is under review by the Maryland Public Service Commission and subject to its approval.

The VPP project could increase overall grid reliability, while enhancing the integration of distributed energy resource (DER) and allowing for potential participation in the PJM wholesale electricity market.

The project is also expected to bring additional grid services such as peak shaving and Reactive Power support.

Sunverge CEO Martin Milani said: “We are honored and excited to be selected for this project and to have the opportunity to work with Delmarva Power to demonstrate the value of residential battery systems for the residents at Elk Neck and to the electric grid.

“We are confident that Sunverge’s advanced DER Control and aggregation solution will demonstrate the value of aggregating residential behind-the meter systems for the Maryland electricity grid and participating residential customers.

“It will provide autonomous and aggregated energy storage, with the goal of providing additional grid reliability and resiliency benefitting Delmarva Power’s entire service area. The combination of real-time dynamic load flexibility and grid services is a powerful tool for managing the grid of the future and integrating the growth of distributed energy resources.”

In August last year, Sunverge secured $11 funding in a round that was led by Ecosystem Integrity Fund with participation from Equinor Energy Ventures and Evergy Ventures.