UK tech firm Sunstone Systems is using solar power to deliver 24-hour CCTV for temporary sites across Britain.

Its off-grid Autonomous Remote Communications (ARC) product seeks to provide robust, flexible, cost-effective solutions for companies looking to improve the security of their remote locations by removing the need for hard-wired power or data.

Each portable unit is 99% recyclable and uses solar energy to ensure it can reduce a site’s carbon footprint by up to 500kg each year, according to Sunstone Systems.

CEO Paul Schelhaas said: “What we have developed is a product that offers scalable site security, access to high-speed broadband from day one of a project and with zero-emissions or noise pollution, that can be installed and running in minutes.

“It was designed to keep people, products and property secure by vastly reducing costly and unplanned downtime – something all sites suffer with at some stage.”

sunstone systems
Sunstone Systems’ ARC features a foldable solar array (Credit: Sunstone Systems)

Sunstone Systems’ solar-powered ARC

Sunstone Systems’ ARC comes with a foldable solar array that can be deployed to multiple locations quickly and easily.

It enables wireless cellular or Wi-Fi networks in areas with no existing infrastructure, meaning there will be no “communication blackspots” on-site.

The also product comes with in-built system health monitoring which alerts the company’s engineers to any potential faults, enabling them to solve the issue and prevent any substantial periods of inactivity.

Additionally, each ARC features anti-theft and vandalism measures such as GPS, concealed hinges, lockable cabinets and sensors.

Mr Schelhaas added: “In order for this product to be suitable for multiple audiences but simultaneously specific to each individual site, it has been designed with flexibility in mind – fittings can be changed and extras added.

“This means every site is able to tailor the ARC to its own requirements and only pay for what they need.”