Sungrow has introduced five new products including the 1500V PV inverters and storage range and a utility-scale energy storage system at Solar Power International 2018 in Anaheim, California.


Image: Sungrow Booth at Solar Power International 2018. Photo: courtesy of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.

As a turnkey station for 1500V system, the new 1500V central inverter SG3150U-MV tailored for the North American market, positioned as a more comprehensive solution for utility-scale PV plants, will be able to reduce LCOE.

Given its high efficiency and energy conservation characteristics, the 3.15 MW inverter enables stable operations in severe environment while its maximum efficiency can still reach 98.8%.

Equipped with an MV transformer and an LV auxiliary power supply in a 20-foot container, SG3150U-MV enables a lower initial investment and easy O&M.

The complete 20-foot container solution will be displayed at the company’s booth at the expo. Equipped with an NEC 2017 compliant rapid shutdown solution, another two C&I focused string inverters, the SG30KU-M and SG50KU-M were launched as well.

The DC-coupled ESS solution for PV plus storage projects showcased is the ST548kWh-D250 turnkey solution, specifically designed for utility-scale projects in North America.

It features the integration of energy storage inverters, lithium-ion batteries and advanced battery management systems through its joint venture with Samsung SDI. The fully integrated package is aimed to optimize simplified deployment with low O&M costs, performance and maximized system efficiency.

Sungrow is committed to bringing industry leading technology offerings and expanding the local North America team. Its comprehensive service center opened in Phoenix is the hub for dedicated technical support. Sungrow is preparing its global strategies in response to the varied tariff policies including the manufaturing base in India.

Sungrow professor Cao Renxian said: “North America is one of the most dynamic solar markets in the world. Sungrow is delighted to become an important player in this market and will continue to provide more innovative solutions for our North American customers.”

Source: Company Press Release