Steel Guard Safety Corp, a leading manufacturer of Industrial Curtain & Specialty Barrier Products announced the release of Lead Wool Blanket Manufacturing with QQ-C-40 Wool. The business clients in Nuclear Power have expanded machinery with heavy duty presses and CNC quilting machine to accommodate the exact manufacturing for the Radiation Shielding Blankets and Curtains.

Steel Guard Safety CEO Gregory Pretsch said, “Some of our Clients in Nuclear Power have been using our Temperature Isolation Barriers and asked if this is something we could do. We are currently adding machinery that will accommodate the ISO standards for this product and give Nuclear Power Plants a high quality lead blanket at a more affordable price. With our new machinery we can construct high quality lead wool blankets reducing radiation dose rate by up to 44% per blanket.”

Lead Wool Blankets Provide shielding from harmful Radiation in various area where gases or Uranium Rods are cooling creating high dose rates. The blankets can be hung on piping or a Nuclear-Shield Frame. Specialty handles, and buckles are available for moving panels. Custom Shapes as well as magnets and clips can be designed to accommodate lead blankets permanently around areas of the plant.

All lead blankets are constructed by encapsulating the QQ-C-40 lead with 18 oz coated vinyl within a CNC quilted back side to prevent the lead wool from shifting. All covers are standard with RF heat sealing on the outside perimeter, as well as heavy duty number 5 grommets for handing the blankets.

For High Temperature and usually permanent applications the lead blankets can be encapsulated with a high heat Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass composite outer layer for protection up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.