Statkraft, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, has today announced its investment to construct four new solar plants in Cadiz, with an estimated value in the range of EUR 200m, thereby further strengthening its position in Spain and providing the Southern European nation with additional renewable energy access.

The plants are co-located within an eight-kilometre radius of each other in the Cadiz region with a total capacity of 234 MWp.

A local employment agreement has been entered into with the San José del Valle town council in association with three of these plants. This agreement includes the development of a training and employment promotion plan and will see 500 employment opportunities created during the peak of the construction phase.

Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, Executive Vice President European Wind and Solar at Statkraft, says:

“I’m happy that we’ve committed to investing in the entire construction of these four new solar plants in Cadiz. Our recent acquisition of Solarcentury in November 2020 further positioned Spain as a major market for Statkraft’s solar footprint going forward and the company’s overall strategy is to develop eight (8) gigawatts of solar and wind power by 2025. Solar projects in Spain, like these four farms in Cadiz, will play an important role in Statkraft’s efforts to achieve this.

José Miguel Ferrer, Country Manager for Statkraft in Spain, says:

“This project seeks to mirror the success of key Spanish solar projects that have already been delivered by Statkraft (formerly Solarcentury) such as Talayuela – one of the biggest solar projects in Europe. When we commit to large developments, we focus on three areas of benefit: local jobs, community support and improved biodiversity. Statkraft’s key objective with the development of these four co-located plants is to contribute to making clean energy more widely available within our country whilst simultaneously improving the quality of life of the municipalities in which our developments are located”.