The project engineers and contractors will start connecting and testing the modules and along with installing the tie-ins to utilities and services


Image: Demonstration Plant Project site, showing Phases 1,2 and most Phase 3 Modules installed. Photo: Courtesy of Standard Lithium Ltd.

Canadian specialty chemical company Standard Lithium has anounced the installation of the final modules of its LiSTR direct lithium extraction demonstration plant for Lanxess’ South Plant facility in southern Arkansas.

Standard Lithium said that the modules of its LiSTR demonstration plant have been transported and are currently being installed at the South Plant facility.

Standard Lithium president and COO Andy Robinson said: “Our roll-out of the LiSTR direct lithium extraction Demonstration Plant continues to be executed on-schedule, and Standard Lithium would like to thank our project partners for all their efforts in keeping this Project constantly moving forward.

“We now have a full project team in place, and plant operators are currently undergoing process-specific training.  We look forward to beginning the commissioning phase in November and starting the next exciting step of this Project.”

Demonstration plant is designed based on Standard Lithium’s LiSTR technology

The company has completed the fabrication and initial QA/QC testing of the final phase 3 modules of the demonstration plant and has detached and shipped the modules to the location. The modules have now arrived at the site and are currently being installed at the site.

Following the installation of all modules, the project engineers and contractors would start connecting and testing the modules and along with installing the tie-ins to utilities and services.

Standard Lithium said that the demonstration plant is designed to continuously process an input tailbrine flow of 50 gallons per minute from the Lanxess South Plant, which is equivalent to an annual production of 100 to 150 tonnes of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE) per annum.

In addition, the demonstration plant has been designed based on the company’s advanced LiSTR technology, which deploys a solid sorbent material to selectively extract lithium from Lanxess’ tailbrine.

The extraction process is an environmentally friendly process that eliminates the use of evaporation ponds, reduces processing time and increases the effective recovery of lithium.

The commissioning process for the project is planned to start in November 2019.