SSE Thermal will auction gas storage capacity at its Atwick facility near Hornsea, East Yorkshire, on Thursday 9 April, at a reserve price of 22.43 p/Th.

The company is offering 2.83TWh of capacity, split into 100m Standard Bundled Units (SBUs), for the 2020/21 storage year which runs from 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021.

Each SBU will have a maximum injection capacity of 0.2399 kWh/d and a maximum withdrawal capacity of 1 kWh/d.

With a total injection capacity of 24 GWh/d and a total withdrawal capacity of 100 GWh/d, it will take approximately 100 days to fill the 2.83TWh, and another 20 days to empty it, allowing for over three churns in the year.

There will be a fixed Commodity Charge of 0.82 p/th for injections and 0.176p/th for withdrawals. All exit capacity requirements from the national transmission system are included within the SBU, while entry requirements are included for Quarter 1.

SSE Thermal’s two gas storage facilities at Atwick and Aldbrough on the East Yorkshire coast offer valuable flexibility and hedging services to the UK and interconnected gas markets.