American utility Southern California Edison (SCE) has signed seven contracts totalling 770MW in battery-based energy storage to help enhance the region’s region’s reliability of electricity.

The seven energy storage projects are expected to enhance electric grid reliability and address potential energy shortfalls identified in the state.

The projects will also support to integrate renewable clean energy into the grid from intermittent wind and solar resources and can also help the state transition from fossil fuel-based power plants to cleaner, renewable sources.

The battery energy storage projects will be co-located at solar plants

SCE stated that most of the selected projects will be co-located projects as battery project will use an adjacent solar power plant to charge the battery over the term of the contract.

The contracts have been signed with NextEra Energy Resources for its Blythe 2, Blythe 3 projects, each with 115MW of capacity and McCoy with 230MW of capacity.

Expected to be operational early next year, the three projects will be located in Riverside County and have a contract term of 15 years each.

Southern Power has been selected for two projects 88MW Garland and 72MW Tranquillity, which will be located at Kern County and Fresno County. The two projects, which are expected to come online by next year, are supported by a contract term of 20 years.

TerraGen Power has been contracted for the 50MW Sanborn, to be located in Mojave, Kern County. The project has a contract term of 10 years and is expected to be operational by next January.

SCE has signed contract with LS Power for its 100MW Gateway 1-2 project to be located in San Diego County. With a contract term of 15 years, the project could be operational by early next year.

SCE energy procurement & management vice president William Walsh said: “These new emissions-free projects will help us ensure the reliability of the grid for our customers and integrate an ever-increasing amount of clean renewable energy over the next decade.”

“Signing these contracts aligns with SCE’s Pathway 2045. continues our support of California’s goal to green the state and also encourages clean energy projects of all types, creating jobs and strengthening our economy.”