The PV power plant, which is located in the Region of Murcia in Southeast Spain, will see the installation of solar trackers by Soltec.

The company will supply around 2,900 units of its SF7 seventh generation horizontal single-axis solar tracker for the facility.

Soltec CEO Raúl Morales said: “Our standard tracker features reduce material and installation time compared to others. SF7 has fewer piles-per-MW, a lower parts count, fewer installation operations, and greater tolerance of construction variables among other advantages.

“The combined result of higher yield performance and robust design is what customers rely on when choosing us.”

The Spanish solar power plant is expected to benefit from high solar irradiation and optimal climate conditions.

Besides, the construction site is located a few miles away from Soltec’s headquarters and the Solhub logistics center.

The firm said: “Corporate Social Responsibility is having an important role in this project. Soltec is training local people for employment in construction, and disabled persons will carry out appropriate tasks.

“Underground offtake cabling and a wildlife corridor are incorporated to reduce environmental impact in addition to standard SF7 features that reduce earth grading, earth penetrations, and emissions during construction.”

In September, Soltec has announced an innovative method for comprehensive dynamic analysis in tracker wind-design, Dy-WIND.

To develop Dy-WIND, the company has partnered with the renowned engineering consultancy Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc (RWDI), which specializes in wind engineering projects.

Morales said: “Only Soltec applies Dy-WIND analysis to tracker wind-design for accurate modeling that leads to precise manufacturing processes.

“This is essential to making economic calculations regarding the profitability and robustness of a solar tracker plant.”