In November 2020, Solarcentury acquired the Bollendonk solar farm in Etten-Leur, Netherlands from GroEnergie Groep BV. Solarcentury will develop, build and operate the project. Bollendonk solar farm covers ​​10 hectares, and at 11.3 MWp and will generate enough clean electricity for over 3,800 households.

From landfill to clean energy

The solar farm will be built at a former landfill site, completely screened from view by the green vegetation already surrounding the site.

The plans for this new renewable energy project has involved collaboration and discussions with local councils, residents and other stakeholders, and fits seamlessly into current government policy and the Regional Energy Strategy.

Local benefits

The development of this solar farm will improve the local biodiversity. The Solarcentury team is working closely with local nature groups on a biodiversity plan. Measures will be put in place to limit disturbance of existing wildlife seen locally, such as weasels, polecats and stone martens. In addition, an extra plot of land of approximately 1.4 Ha will be used to create a food forest – shrubs and trees bearing edible produce, together with Stichting MilieuEducatie (MEC).

It’s always our aim to develop solar farms which bring local benefits, to wildlife and to residents. We are working with the energy cooperative Duurzaam Etten-Leur to develop financial investment opportunities for the residents.

Solarcentury hopes to begin construction of Bollendock solar farm in September 2021, aiming for final connection to the grid that winter.