PLH Group's subsidiary Snelson Companies has won a contract to complete the final two phases of the Saginaw Trail Pipeline project in the US for Consumers Energy.

PLH Group Contract

Image: A map showing the Saginaw Trail Pipeline project. Photo: © 2019 Consumers Energy.

The $610m Saginaw Trail Pipeline project involves replacement of 125.5km of current infrastructure, which has been operational since the 1940s, with nearly 152km of new pipeline.

Planned to be completed in four years, the four-phase pipeline replacement project is intended to ensure safety and reliability of natural gas transportation throughout lower Michigan. The phase 1 and 2 of the project are completed.

Under the contract, Snelson will be responsible for the construction of phases 3 and 4 which are said to be significantly larger than each of the first two phases.

Under the Phase 3 of the project, the firm will install 47km of new, larger pipeline between Clio City Gate to Grand Blanc City Gate, replacing the existing 12- and 16-inch pipe with new 24-inch pipeline and rerouting the path around the urban area of Flint.

The phase 4 of the project involves replacement of pipeline for the 45.3kmbetween Grand Blanc City Gate to Clawson Control. It is scheduled to be completed in December 2020.

The groundwork is currently underway for the final phase which includes surveying and securing easements and permits.

Work on phase 3 and 4 are planned to begin in spring 2019 and in 2020 respectively.

Snelson president Alex Epstein said: “Consumers Energy displays their strong commitment to safely and reliably delivering energy to its lower Michigan customers with the Saginaw Trail Pipeline project.

“We maintain high standards regarding safety and work quality, while still successfully completing work on-time and within budget. In addition to following construction best practices, we also proactively implement strict environmental best practices for the protection of local wildlife and land management.

“Our reputation, as well as the great relationship we have developed with Consumers Energy, will ensure the success of this essential project.”

The project forms a part of a larger commitment to the Michigan’s energy future.