Through the partnership, SkyX and APA will be implementing a comprehensive solution that solves complex challenges for assets in remote areas and harsh environments

SkyX-SkyX Works with Aerial Project Analytics to Secure Multimil

Image: SkyOne taking off vertically in a remote location, negating the need for runways or launchers. Photo: courtesy of CNW Group/SkyX.

SkyX Ltd, an aerial monitoring solutions provider, has partnered with Aerial Project Analytics (APA), a topographic survey and site monitoring solutions provider. Through the partnership, SkyX and APA will be implementing a comprehensive solution that solves complex challenges for assets in remote areas and harsh environments.

The first contract under this partnership, a multimillion-dollar agreement, has just been signed to inspect and monitor hundreds of miles of pipelines for a major energy corporation in Africa, so they can better track the environmental impact of their business. SkyX will be deploying the operations team shortly to commence the project.
SkyX’s fully-autonomous aerial systems are well suited for BVLOS operations including remote pipeline inspections in isolated locations. When paired with the automated remote charging station, or xStation, SkyOne is able to takeoff, gather the data needed and land back on the xStation without human intervention, making this a robust system which is far superior than other aerial systems on the market today.

Purpose-engineered for long-range inspections, SkyOne is equipped with live feed capabilities and an array of customizable sensors, including an EO/IR camera, to accumulate high-quality visual data. Proprietary AI systems then analyze the data captured to produce high-impact reports from each scan. Supported by APA’s drones, which complements SkyOne’s capabilities, operators will be able to visually verify and safely determine the proper course of action for each situation before deploying crews and scheduling repairs.

“When there is an incident on a pipeline, whatever the cause, it puts the environment, people, and the integrity of the asset at risk. This may be caused by unauthorized third-party activity or other infrastructural issues. Giving our customer the ability to observe the activity surrounding their assets in real time is crucial step in transitioning from reactive to proactive modes of operation,” said Didi Horn, SkyX Founder and CEO. “We are excited to be partnering and working with APA, a proven leader in the region, on this and the other opportunities on the table. Strong synergies between our organizations, with regards to technology, operational competency and business models, were the building blocks for success in winning the seven-figure contract.”

“One of the main reasons why we’ve chosen to work with SkyX is their ability to provide operators with insightful data to monitor trends over time and deliver proactive notifications of problematic areas,” commented John Boyd, CEO of APA. “Their fully-autonomous, long-range solution paired with our ability to thoroughly inspect a single site or incident will play a critical role in minimizing and preventing catastrophic incidents in the locations we’re monitoring. The work we’re doing in Africa is the first of many projects on the continent, and there are a number of opportunities we’re actively working on in Asia, North and South America.”

Source: Company Press Release