PetersenDean’s initial commitment is for Silfab SLA M 310 all-black modules, a highly sought-after panel for residential installations. The first shipments begin in June 2018.

PetersenDean founder and CEO Jim Petersen said: “While some organizations in the space are contracting, we are in expansion mode. Almost 35 years of disciplined commitment to customer service, quality standards, and sound construction practices continues to drive our success into the future.”

Silfab business development and marketing head Geoff Atkins said: “PetersenDean is a premium installer focused on providing homeowners integrity and quality in their solar solutions.

“Silfab delivers solar panels that regularly outperform competing products in efficiency, endurance and long-term power performance. We are proud to have earned their trust.”

Silfab’s production facility is considered one of the most advanced in the world and capable of delivering orders anywhere in the United States within days. Additionally, Silfab is exploring U.S. manufacturing opportunities and locations to better service growing customer demand.

PetersenDean consumer division president Gary Liardon said “Silfab’s reputation in the solar industry is sterling. The company consistently delivers some of the highest-quality solar modules for the United States.

“PetersenDean customers will continue to receive superior performance and reliability from our installations because we’ve chosen Silfab as one of our key partners in our commitment to create American jobs by growing the renewables market in the United States.”

Silfab has leveraged its decades of solar experience and international partnerships to design and manufacture some of the highest-output PV modules with superior quality. Silfab continually invests in automating its manufacturing process while dedicating technicians and engineers to focus on quality control and design. New manufacturing methods, such as fully automated bussing, has helped Silfab to drive down the price of solar modules by reducing production costs.

Source: Company Press Release