The fully integrated grid operating center will enable monitoring and control of the complete power grid covering all (high-, medium-, low-) voltage levels. At the same time, it will allow easy integration of third-party IT/OT systems, such as customer information systems, workforce management or geographical information systems. The project is expected to be operational at the beginning of 2022.

The scope of supply encompasses the ADMS, which integrates Distribution SCADA as well as Outage Management to track faults and restore the system in one common user environment. Furthermore, the Distribution Network Applications (DNA) that include automated Fault Analysis, Network Analysis, and Load Forecast is part of the order. These applications are used in real-time to support the operator in assessing the state of the entire grid; to improve the normal operation of the grid through control optimization; and to resolve abnormal grid conditions such as faults or limit violations.

“With our Spectrum Power portfolio, Siemens was able to offer an advanced grid control solution in one platform “, said Nils Klippenberg, Nordic Managing Director

at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “This will help our customer to ensure a high level of energy reliability, fast fault detection based on smart meter information, network-wide optimization and blackout prevention measures.”

“Hafslund is looking forward to getting a modernized control center with Advanced Distribution Management functionality based on Spectrum Power 7. We have an extensive procurement process, and the choice fell on Siemens, as we concluded that Spectrum Power ADMS best fits in with our current and future needs,” said SigurdKvistad of Hafslund.

Source: Company Press Release