Siemens Digital Industries contributed vital technology to the Andalucía Respira project, an initiative created with the aim of manufacturing respirators to fight COVID-19. Research was led by the Government of the Spanish Region of Andalusia, together with the Málaga Institute for Biomedical Research (IBIMA), a medical team from the Málaga hospitals “Regional Universitario” and “Virgen de la Victoria”, and the University of Málaga.

Siemens was the chief provider of industrial technology in this project, with the Central Unit Logo! to control the device, the Simatic HMI operator panel, that allows professionals to enter the settings required for each patient, and the Sitop power supply, that feeds electric energy to all the other components.

The respirator has already been approved by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, and the production target is set at 480 units. The first stage will cover the needs of hospitals in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, with 300 units, after which respirators will be delivered to other Spanish regions that may require them.

The respirators are manufactured on the premises of Fujitsu in Málaga, and the project was developed in a record-setting time of 20 days. In addition to the initial supply, a second stage could see units delivered overseas, as countries like Columbia, Mexico and Ecuador have expressed interest in the Andalucía Respira project.