E.ON will perform scheduled maintenance services on the site. Shell owns and operates the Brazos Wind Farm, which uses Mitsubishi 1000A turbines. E.ON will perform scheduled maintenance and trouble-shooting for the site in daily coordination with Brazos.

E.ON North America operations senior vice president John Franklin said: “Shell is a responsible and experienced owner of wind farms with which E.ON is excited to forge a collaborative working relationship. There is a new trend emerging with owners looking to actively manage their wind farms and still engage qualified contractors to help them meet their goals. This is a new approach where the owner and contractor work collaboratively regarding site maintenance.

“We expect to see other owners follow Shell’s lead in exploring this approach. As an owner ourselves, we understand how important it is to control costs and maintain production. We are confident this partnership will help Brazos accomplish both.”

E.ON operates more than 400 of its own Mitsubishi turbines and brings a wealth of experience to the site.

Source: Company Press Release