In addition, Saulsbury will continue its pursuit of standalone electrical & instrumentation opportunities across all heavy industrial and oil and gas markets.

“Saulsbury is in a unique position to capture the powerful opportunities of the midstream and upstream oil and gas markets. In order to do that successfully, we must become a more focused company in the areas where we see the most opportunity to execute our business capabilities,” shared Chat York, Interim CEO about the company’s decision.

To demonstrate the commitment to the company’s new focus, Saulsbury has entered into an agreement to divest a portion of its business in the Gulf Coast to Clough. The transaction was completed on February 15, 2019.

“By changing the way we do business in the Gulf Coast, we are better positioned to serve an expanded portfolio of clients that have come to know Saulsbury as the premier EPC contractor in the midstream and upstream oil and gas industry throughout the country,” adds Mike Childers, SVP, Business Development and Marketing.

The company is well-known in the industry for its best-in-class safety performance and successful project execution capabilities in this area and is well-positioned to take advantage of the increasing opportunities the market is offering.

“With the current shortfall of midstream infrastructure across the country, we are seeing a race to build processing capacity and Saulsbury’s speed to market mentality enables us to offer our clients’ accelerated timelines for their projects,” said Jimmy Matthews, Chief Operating Officer. “Saulsbury’s success has always been a result of our ability to provide turnkey project execution consistently and we looking forward to continuing that tradition.”

Source: Company Press Release