Saulsbury successfully completed the project with zero recordable incidents or injuries


Image: Saulsbury has completed the construction of the Altus Midstream Diamond processing complex in Texas. Photo: courtesy of Frauke Feind/Pixabay.

Saulsbury is proud to announce the recent completion of the Altus Midstream Diamond Processing Complex in southern Reeves County, Texas. The complex includes three 200 MMSCFD cryogenic natural gas processing plants and associated liquid stabilization, slug catchers, gas treating and residue gas compression.

The most impressive milestone of this entire project was the achievement of completing 1.8 million work hours over the course of the 14-month project without a recordable incident or injury. “The Saulsbury team completed the project on schedule and within budget, however, we are most proud of our completely safe execution of this project,” said Jeremy Nelson, GM/VP, EPC. “Saulsbury’s safety record is no accident as we made sure that each activity, every single day was completed safely.”

Year to date, Saulsbury boasts a 0.0 Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) with over 5.6 million work hours performed. The company attributes their safety excellence to a complete and total focus on safe execution from the very top leadership to each and every employee.

By entering the project as a true partner with its first-time client, Altus Midstream, Saulsbury was able to complete the large-scale project with speed to market and operational efficiency in mind. The result is a state-of-the-art facility that features industry-leading technology that allows for higher recovery of valuable propane, ethane, and heavier liquids, which maximizes natural gas liquids production.

“Saulsbury and Altus Midstream have created one of the most sophisticated cryogenic processing plants in the Permian Basin,” said Clay Bretches, Altus Midstream President and CEO at a recent celebration event. “I would like to commend Saulsbury for their dedication to the safe and successful completion of our project.”

“This project is a testament to operating as a good partner and working together openly and honestly to address the hurdles that inevitably arise with a project of this size,” added Chat York, Saulsbury President and CEO. “We are proud to be a part of such a special project and are thankful to Altus Midstream for the opportunity.”

Source: Company Press Release