RWE has announced its plans to develop a hydrogen-ready combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant with an approximate nominal capacity of 800MW at the Gersteinwerk power plant in Germany.

The company’s intends to construct such hydrogen-fired facilities at its power plant sites in the country to support a successful coal phase-out by the end of this decade.

After extensive technical discussions, RWE has engaged an Italian-Spanish consortium to oversee the project’s planning. The consortium is made up of Italy-based Ansaldo Energia and Spanish firm Tecnicas Reunidas.

The three parties have signed a contract which includes approval planning for the power plant as the initial step.

RWE said that the planning process for the hydrogen-ready CCGT power plant is already going on. This serves as a prerequisite for the German energy company to commence project implementation once an investment decision is achieved.

Located in Werne-Stockum, Unna district, the Gersteinwerk power plant has generated electricity since 1917. It is a combined-cycle gas and steam turbine power with a total generation capacity of over 1GW.

As per RWE’s current planning, the H2-fired Gersteinwerk plant could start operations by 2030.

During commissioning, the plant is expected to utilise a fuel mix containing a minimum of 50% hydrogen content, with plans to transition operating entirely on hydrogen at a later stage.

RWE Generation CEO Nikolaus Valerius said: “With the approval planning for a hydrogen-ready gas-fired power plant at the Gersteinwerk, we are taking proactive measures to keep the chance of completion by 2030 open.

“With the construction of the new power plant, we are ready to contribute to green security of supply and thus secure the coal phase-out by 2030. This requires policymakers to quickly make some key decisions.”