The Kaskasi offshore wind farm operated by RWE is set to provide green electricity to seven prominent German industrial clients starting in 2026. RWE Supply & Trading has finalised Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with DHL Group, Ensinger, Evonik, Infraserv Höchst, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, and Vodafone. Notably, the first PPA from Kaskasi was inked with the retail divisions of the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland) in the spring of 2023.

The majority of the contracts extend over a period of ten years and offer options such as direct purchase (“as-produced”), scheduled profile delivery (“as-nominated”), or delivery of constant volumes (“baseload delivery”). The initial contract is slated to commence in 2026, with subsequent contracts set to unfold in 2027 and 2028, effectively allocating the entire electricity volume available for the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

RWE`s Kaskasi wind farm is situated approximately 35km off the coast of Heligoland and comprises 38 wind turbines boasting a combined installed capacity of 342MW. With its capability, Kaskasi has the potential to provide green electricity to around 400,000 households annually.

Among its notable features, three turbines within the wind farm showcase the world`s pioneering rotor blades designed for recycling at the end of their lifespan. This groundbreaking innovation utilises a novel type of resin, enabling the separation of materials for the first time. Additionally, the wind farm incorporates inventive elements such as specialized steel collars for certain foundations, based on an RWE patent, and a concrete ring that expands within the seabed. These advancements are aimed at achieving a more robust connection between the seabed and the piles, paving the way for the use of shorter piles in future installations.

The Kaskasi wind farm is a vital component of the Heligoland cluster, which encompasses the Amrumbank and Nordsee Ost wind farms. Scheduled for regular operation by spring 2023, this cluster represents a significant stride in Germany`s offshore wind energy sector. Alongside Kaskasi, RWE holds interests in other key wind farms in the German North Sea, including Nordsee One, Alpha Ventus 1 and 2, and the Arkona offshore wind farm in the German Baltic Sea. With these assets, RWE boasts an offshore wind portfolio in Germany amounting to approximately 1.2GW (RWE share).

Demonstrating its commitment to furthering offshore wind energy expansion, RWE is spearheading the development of the North Sea cluster situated north of the island of Juist. Comprising four sites with a collective capacity of up to 1.6GW, these projects are slated for commissioning in 2027 and 2029, respectively. This strategic initiative underscores RWE`s dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions along the German coastline.