Building on their cooperation and studies performed for a large NPP, Russia and Jordan have decided to intensify and step up their cooperation in the field of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

A Project Development Agreement has been executed between Jordan Atomic Energy Commission and Rosatom Overseas to enable the parties to conduct a joint feasibility study for a Russian-designed SMR construction project in Jordan. Both parties stand to benefit from exploring the collaboration on the SMR, and the viability and potential for deployment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan due to the changing situation in the Jordanian energy market.

“We have been cooperating with Rosatom for many years, and we are going to build on this cooperation in various spheres. Today, a potential project to construct SMR-type NPP seems more relevant and more needed, so we would like to focus on it”, said Dr. Khaled Toukan, Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission.

“We are certain that the projects we implement have to meet current strategic needs and interests of our customers. This is exactly why we, together with our Jordanian partners, have decided to focus our cooperation on enhancing SMR technology projects based on Rosatom’s innovative solutions. The SMR technologies will certainly become one of our top priorities on the way to develop the world energy market”, pointed out Evgeny Pakermanov, President of JSC

Source: Company Press Release