Risen Energy has recently signed agreements to supply 8MW of modules to a ground power station in Poland. The project will exclusively use 300W high-efficiency single crystal modules from Risen, which started shipping at the end of August. Risen Energy’s production planning Manager stated, “We will deliver high-quality modules on time through effective production planning control”. The facility’s construction will commence in November and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The facility will be the only large ground PV power station of its kind in the region.

The company also inked a 6.6MW module supply order to furnish efficient polycrystalline 330W modules to a second Polish project. Construction of the second power station will start in October in collaboration with local EPCs and is expected to be connected to the grid before 2020.

According to Polish customs’ statistics, since the cancellation of minimum import prices (MIP) in Europe, module shipments to Poland have significantly increased. The number of projects that are currently being bided on indicates a growing demand for new installations. Furthermore, the targets set for 2020 and 2025 are well on their way to being met, signaling a growing need for modules in Poland.

“The geographical position of Poland right on the main axis of the land route of the Belt and Road Initiative means that the initiative will be very important for the country in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years,” said Wu Meizhong, sales director of Risen Energy Europe. “In our view, the market is new and has great potential. Revisions in Poland’s new energy bill are expected to speed up the construction of PV power projects across the country. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation with local distributors, promote the development of power stations in the Polish market, and serve more customers with high-quality products.”

Recently, Risen Energy has expanded its presence in overseas markets along the Belt and Road Initiative and they have taken a leadership role in the construction of clean-energy infrastructure. Risen Energy will continue to expand its overseas presence, work with local service providers and distributors, enhance the company’s global competitiveness, and contribute to the green energy community.