Rhenus Offshore Logistics has completed the first supply trip to the Borssele Alpha offshore platform on 23 April 2019.


Image: Rhenus supplies the Borssele Alpha offshore platform. Photo: Courtesy of Rhenus Group.

Rhenus has taken over the complete supply logistics for its customer, HSM Offshore, during the installation work on the Borssele project and is supplying the Borssele Alpha offshore platform with building materials and tools as well as water, food and articles in daily use.

Rhenus is providing all the logistics services that are required for the project, including the supply trips, handling at the port, customs clearance and waste disposal. Rhenus is also operating its own depot for offshore containers, which are made available for the project, at the offshore base port in Rotterdam.

Nicole Sturhann, Project Manager for Borssele Alpha at Rhenus Offshore Logistics, confirms this fact: “Using the DNV-2.7-certified offshore containers at our depot in Rotterdam, we’re able to respond to needs arising within the project spontaneously and save the customer the costs and time associated with mobilising resources.”

The offshore base at Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal on Maasvlakte in Rotterdam has been part of the portfolio offered by Rhenus Offshore Logistics since 2018. It enables short routes to the Dutch and Belgian wind parks.

“Thanks to our ‘Cargo Run’ product, we’re already supplying a large number of the German offshore wind park projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea and are now expanding these services to include the Dutch and Belgian market via Rotterdam. By combining supply trips for several projects, it’s possible to achieve significant savings in costs,” says Hans van Hoof, Sales Manager at Rhenus Offshore Logistics, explaining the company’s approach.

The Borssele wind park is currently being built in water that is between 14 and 38 metres deep in the Dutch Exclusive Economic Zone in the North Sea, approximately 20 kilometres off the coast of Zeeland. It will have an overall generating capacity of 1,400 megawatts and will be the Netherlands’ largest wind park so far.

Source: Company Press Release