Resources & Energy Group (REZ) has selected Lamington Minerals as the preferred contractor for the proposed gold processing campaign using vat leaching at the East Menzies gold project located in Western Australia.

Located 130km north of Kalgoorlie, the East Menzies project has a collective surface area of 103km² and consists of more than 50 tenements.

The drilling and geophysical Investigations at the gold project are targeting multiple prospects within the project area including Gigante Grande, Maranoa, Granny Venn North and Oliver Twist gold prospects and the Springfield gold and nickel prospect.

Resources & Energy Group said that the Maranoa prospect at the East Menzies gold project has been identified as the ideal shallow, higher-grade ore to underpin a vat leach gold production.

The gold processing campaign will initially treat 5,000 tonnes of ore with a diluted grade of approximately 4.6gt/Au.

Lamington Minerals director Mike Brown said: “Our team have been working in association with REZ for over 12 months on establishing the East Menzies project and believe Menzies and its surrounds offer huge potential that could see it develop into a world class district with access to a diverse variety of commodities.”

Following the determination of the economics of the process, Resources & Energy Group will launch a larger-scale vat leach campaign to treat additional shallow resources that have been identified at the Maranoa and Goodenough gold deposits.

The gold obtained from the campaign at the East Menzies gold project will be processed at the Perth Mint.

According to Resources & Energy Group, the campaign at the gold project will provide income stream to finance the exploration development of the company’s 100km2 tenement package within which two major prospects are being resolved.

Resources & Energy Group CEO Dan Moore said: “REZ is excited about the opportunities that the association with Lamington Minerals opens up for our existing and prospective projects moving forward.

“We are looking forward to working with the team that has the ability to establish REZ as a low cost, low impact gold producer.”