The Queensland government in Australia has further opened its territory for gas exploration, offering an additional 1,500km2 acreage in the Surat and Bowen Basins.

According to Queensland Mines Minister Anthony Lynham, five parcels which are located around Moonie and Injune in the two basins, will be released for tender in mid-June.

The land being released for gas exploration under the fresh offer are in central and southern Queensland. The parcels include 834km2 of land, located 50km west of Moonie, 357km2 of land located 25km north-east of Moonie, 77km2 of land located 17km east of Injune, 37km2 of land located 29km south-east of Injune, and 154km2 of land, located 32km south-east of Injune.

Anthony Lynham said: “It’s essential that we keep exploration underway to identify the resources projects and jobs of the future as we emerge from COVID-19,” Dr Lynham said.

“Gas explorers have already expressed interest on these parcels of land previously, so it makes sense to open them for tender.

“Queensland has a plan for our economy to Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs.

“Part of that plan is building on our traditional strengths like the resources industry and maintaining a pipeline of projects is essential.”

In May, Queensland opened up 6,700kms2 of land for gas exploration

Last month, the Queensland government opened up 6700kms2 of land for gas exploration in the Bowen and Surat basins. The 12 prospective parcels of land being offered under the announcement are located between Blackwater and Goondiwindi in central and southern parts of Queensland.

The 12 parcels, which are open to tender until 9 July, include 872 km2 of acreage that will exclusively supply gas to the Australian market.

Recently, the Queensland government awarded four new gas exploration permits in the Surat Basin to domestic oil and gas company Santos. Apart from Santos, the state government also awarded an acreage of 568km2 located south-east of Emerald in the Bowen Basin to Denison Gas.