The company selected Gray Construction, and Stantec to provide construction, architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil engineering, along with environmental, water, and wastewater services


Qcells to invest $2.5bn in US solar manufacturing. (Credit: Jukka Niittymaa from Pixabay)

South Korea-based solar panels manufacturer Qcells is planning to construct a solar power manufacturing facility in Georgia, US, with an investment of $2.5bn.

The company selected Gray Construction, a specialist builder in the manufacturing industry, and Stantec, an expert in sustainable design, as contractors.

Gray and Stantec will provide construction, architecture, mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering, and civil engineering, along with environmental, water, and wastewater services.

Stantec said that it is the largest solar investment in US history and will offer significant benefits to the state and national economies.

Gray Construction president and CEO Brian Jones said: “Having worked with Qcells, Gray is honoured to continue our relationship on such a monumental investment. These projects will tremendously impact the people of Georgia, the American economy, and the solar industry.”

Stantec global Buildings practice executive vice president Leonard Castro said: “With a shared commitment to quality and innovation, we are proud to be part of establishing a reliable solar supply chain to the United States.

“Together with our partners at Gray, we are inspired by the opportunity to help Qcells create energy solutions that will support a more sustainable future.”

According to the company, the Inflation Reduction Act was a major driver in the advancement of the solar manufacturing project.

The Act enabled solar companies producing solar panel components to claim tax credits.

Qcells said that the Georgia project will help significantly reduce the US dependency on foreign PV manufacturers.

The new facility will facilitate the entire solar panel manufacturing process, including ingot production, wafer processing, cell processing, and module production.

Qcells is a subsidiary of Hanwha Solutions, one of the world’s largest photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers that produces high-quality solar cells and modules.

The company intends to increase its solar module production capacity in the US, from 1.7GW in 2022 to 8.4GW by 2024.